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From average to exceptional enjoy this delicious Holiday Ham & Bean Soup

Delicious Holiday Ham & Bean Soup
Delicious Holiday Ham & Bean Soup

Holiday Ham & Bean Soup

Do you ever feel like your soup is missing something? This is more of a food hack than a recipe. I was always feeling that my Ham and Bean Soup was missing something until I did this.

  1. Start with your leftover ham bone and ham chunks from your holiday dinner ham.
  2. Follow the directions on a bag of soup beans that you get from your favorite grocer.
  3. When you have 10 minutes left of cooking time, add a half bottle (6 oz) of Carolina Pepper Works Original Sauce to make a soup that you believed you could only get from a gourmet soup shop. You may add more or less than the 6 oz based on the taste and heat content of yourself and others who will be eating it.