Original & Garlic Cayenne Sauces

Carolina Pepper Works — robust cayenne pepper dipping sauces thick enough to generously cover food … not just for chicken.

Carolina Pepper Works Garlic and Original Bottles

Carolina Pepper Works is a family-owned business. After starting our family in upstate New York, we moved to Cary, North Carolina (Containment Area for Relocated Yankees). We found that we missed the various creative chicken wing sauce flavors found in the bars and restaurants in several of the small cities in New York.

Original Cayenne Sauce


Our Carolina Pepper Works Original Cayenne Sauce was developed to offer a robust cayenne pepper sauce with a small addition of honey and brown sugar to balance out the spice. We add granulated pepper to our thick fermented cayenne puree to add another dimension to this special sauce. This combination of textures can be found in some of the finest establishments serving wings. Offered in a 12 oz bottle.

Garlic Cayenne Sauce


Our Carolina Pepper Works Garlic Cayenne Sauce rivals similar sauces found among local establishments in some of Upstate NY’s smaller communities. The blending of garlic with buffalo-style sauce gives a great combination of garlic with spicy peppers. It can be heated with butter yielding a delicious buffalo-style sauce and reducing the spice level for those who prefer a milder sauce. Offered in a 12 oz bottle.

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