Carolina Reaper Mild Peanuts


Nuts are a healthy snack that come in many varieties. We now sell spicy peanuts to give our customers more choice when looking for spicy products. The Carolina Reaper Mild peanuts are gluten free and have no preservatives or added flavoring.
They are available in net weight 6 ounce (170 g) packages.

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Carolina Reaper peanuts are a spicy snack that are available in two spice levels – Mild and Wild. The Mild version blends Carolina Reaper mash with pure cane sugar and salt to coat jumbo sized peanuts resulting in a delicious, mildly spiced peanut snack. These jumbo peanuts are gluten free and have only all natural ingredients; no preservatives or flavorings are added.

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Weight 6.3 oz
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